Veteran, wife surprised with new home after living in travel trailer for 3 years

    Veteran, wife surprised with new home after living in trailer for three years (KTUL)

    It's not a gift that can be wrapped in paper and topped with a bow. It's better than that.

    For three years, Mac McMillin and his wife, Sherry, have lived in a small trailer.

    “It is just a camping trailer; it wasn’t meant to be lived in, but it was the best we could do,” McMillin said.

    There’s no water, no sewer, a leaky roof and no bathroom.

    “You’ve got to have something. You can’t just lay down and quit,” he said.

    A skill McMillin learned as an Army staff sergeant. He was drafted in 1954 and served in Korea, Austria and Vietnam.

    “I spent 13 years, ten months and 22 days,” McMillin said.

    He’s seen and been through a lot.

    “I gave up a lot, a whole lot,” he said.

    At 85 years old, he has just one Christmas wish -- “I could have a bigger house,” McMillin said.

    For several days, a team with the company, Impact Communities, has worked to get a new home in perfect shape for the owners.

    What McMillin and his wife didn't know, is that they are the new owners.

    “Look at it Mac! It is gorgeous,” Sherry said.

    It's filled with everyday things McMillin and his wife never had.

    “We have a table to eat at,” Sherry said with all new amenities.

    “We’ve laid new carpet for them and painted the inside and the outside. We ran a bunch of new plumbing,” project manager Tori Wilson said.

    Wilson says it was all donated for free through the owners of Impact Communities. It’s a company that owns several mobile home parks and has a passion for giving back.

    “Residents are the heartbeat of the company, and they want to make sure we have an impact on their lives,” Wilson said.

    It certainly made a lasting impact on McMillin and his wife.

    Impact Communities is paying for all of the utilities for the entire first year.

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