Ring containing Navy Veteran’s ashes stolen from daughter

Kerrianne Jenkins shows off a ring similar to one that held her father's ashes (KOMO Photo)

EVERETT, Wash. -- Kerriann Jenkins wears heavy grief around her finger. Her loving father, Ricky Jenkins, died suddenly last year from several heart attacks caused by COPD.

Jenkins served in the Navy for more than 20 years and raised six loving children. His unexpected death devastated his family.

“It’s been a really hard ongoing struggle for me and my family,” Kerriann Jenkins explained. “He definitely pulled me through a lot of hard times.”

When Ricky was cremated, each of his children received a piece of jewelry with his ashes inside. Kerriann wears her cremation ring every day.

“I know there’s been plenty of instances where I’ve been having a hard day and just having that piece of him near me has been so comforting,” she said.

But old wounds reopened upon a discovery Monday.

Kerriann came out of her Everett home to find her car window smashed, and a mess of glass and blood inside. She was parked on 121st Street near Silver Lake.

Whoever broke in crawled through her back seat into the trunk and stole a collection of old keepsakes Kerriann packed up to send to her sister.

They made off with several items, but one mattered most; her sister’s cremation ring with their father’s ashes in it.

“It’s only sterling silver so it’s not worth much, but for us it’s worth a whole lot and can’t be replaced,” she said. “He’ll never come back into this world, his ashes have been spread, there’s no means of making another ring.”

Now Kerriann is asking whoever did this to think of their own family and consider returning that tiny piece. They feel Ricky belongs with his family.

“A person as great as my dad who truly did so much for his community, so much for the military, gave his whole life in service of this country, does not deserve to be resting in the wrong hands,” Kerriann said.

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