Portland officer, veteran battling cancer make special bond

Jackson and Kyle (PPB photo)

A special, life-long bond was created between a Portland Police officer and a veteran who is battling cancer and homelessness.

Officer Jakhary Jackson and Kyle met about a month ago. Officer Jackson stopped to get Kyle a drink, and that's when the two started talking. Officer Jackson now makes it a part of his daily routine to see how Kyle is doing -- but unfortunately, many passersby get the wrong impression.

"I've had some of them come back and say, 'Hey I have friends who are lawyers,' and I go, 'What for? Because a cop brought me a juice?' I'm glad they're here. I don't know what you all think, you have your own lifestyle, but I'm glad they're here," Kyle said.

Kyle gets disability, but not enough to afford a place of his own, so he does yard work when he can and takes hand-outs when they're offered by kind strangers.

He won't take money from Officer Jackson or any of his co-workers. He simply values having a human connection with someone.

If you'd like to help Kyle out, he said he doesn't want money or donations. However, if you want some yard work done, you can find him in the 6800 block of NE Killingsworth and he'd be happy to help you out.

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