On this Veterans Day, Disabled American Veterans group reminds all to remember

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    Since the beginning of the month, Disabled American Veterans post #8 has been selling Forget-Me-Not flowers in an effort to remind people not to forget about veterans and their service.

    Ann Echols found herself homeless and bouncing between southern Oregon and Northern California homes with her four children. When she finally arrived in the Medford-area for the final time, she found DAV who helped her get back on her feet, go to school and provide for her kids, one of whom is autistic.

    Over the weekend, she and some of her family helped sell Forget-Me-Not flowers outside a Walmart in Jackson County and raised $400 for DAV.

    "It's a reminder just not to forget them when they come home," Echols, a Navy Veteran, said. "[Veterans] come home and a lot of times we have a lot of struggles that we're faced with and a lot of people don't know that because we don't come out into the public and let that be known."

    Echols served in the Navy for 15 years before returning home. She said she struggled to find a group that could best serve her needs and help her until she found DAV.

    Even though Veterans Day is only once a year, you can still purchase a flower from the Veterans Resource Center at Southern Oregon University or directly from Echols by sending her an email.

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