On the Bright Side: Indiana man invests retirement in housing homeless veterans

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An Indiana man decided to grow his retirement while helping veterans in need.

"We use a self-directed IRA as an entity to own the properties so it's not only an investment for me but it's also an investment in the people that we house," John Gremling said.

He didn't want to just rent out the homes; he wanted to provide housing for homeless veterans like Lannette Hatcher.

"And it had always been me and my children in and out of homeless shelters and stuff like that but I never had to live by myself so I was scared of living by myself," Hatcher said.

Currently, Gremling is housing 23 veterans.

Lew Miller is one of them.

"You know when you're at a ball game and you stand up with your hand over your heart and you get that warm feeling when they're playing God Bless America, that's the kind of feeling it gives me when people like John actually stand up and help the vets," Miller said.

"All of them have served time in the military and it's a way I can give back to them," Gremling said. "If you can look out for the less fortunate I think you have a responsibility to humanity to do that."

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