Local gold-star dad asks for help finding stolen flag owned by fallen son

Flag stolen.jpg

WHITE SWAN, Wash. -- A White Swan man is pleading for help on social media to find an American flag that belonged to his son who was killed in Afghanistan.

Shawn Marceau says the flag and other items were stolen when someone broke into his truck in April. In a Facebook post he says he has searched locally but hasn't been able to find it.

Marceau says the flag is very sentimental to him because his son, Marine Lance Cpl. Joe Jackson, had it over his bed before he went out on his last patrol.

Jackson was 22 when he was killed April 24, 2011 by an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations in Helmand province of Afghanistan. The flag was signed by Marines in Jackson's platoon.

Marceau posted on Facebook Friday asking for help in case the flag turns up at a thrift store or pawn shop.

As of Monday afternoon his post had been shared nearly 39,000 times.

KIMA will have an interview with Shawn Marceau about his search for his son's flag Tuesday on Action News at 5pm and 6pm.

Click here to go to Shawn Marceau's Facebook post.

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