Honor Flight Veterans return home

Honor Flight on plane.JPG

WASHINGTON DC - After a busy weekend in the Nation's capital, the Willamette Valley veterans made their way back to Oregon.

This group of veterans was a part of the South Valley Honor Flight group for Vietnam War, Korean War and World War II vets.

One of the final stops of the weekend for the vets was a look at the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

Marshall Heflin, a Vietnam Veteran, signed up with the Air Force in 1952, right out of high school. For him, the Honor Flight this weekend has turned his way of thinking around.

"I've been turned off a lot," said Heflin. "We were spit on and everything else when we came back from 'Nam in '68, and these people that I've met on this trip, they've been just marvelous."

Wherever the Oregon veterans traveled on this Honor Flight, they were welcomed as heroes - cheered and thanked for their service.

They're on their way home now, bringing with them plenty of memories from the weekend experience.

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