Group sends Halloween candy donations to veterans, first responders, troops overseas


PORTLAND, Ore. – Still have some leftover Halloween candy from your child’s trick-or-treating haul? You might consider donating some of it to a good cause!

Local dentist offices are collecting your extra sugary treats for a program called "Operation Gratitude".

The non-profit sends the candy to veterans, first responders, and troops overseas.

“They take the candy donations, we will add other things like floss toothbrushes for people to take care of their teeth after the candy," said Jason McMillan, dentist and owner of Mint Dental Works on SE Morrison Street.

McMillan said they collected 30 pounds of candy last year, just from their patients.

In 2018, they say anyone can come in and donate by November 7, as the candy gets shipped out the next day.

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