'Bryan's Home,' a housing project for veterans, to offer life skills in North Bend

    'Bryan's Home,' a housing project for veterans, to offer life skills in North Bend

    NORTH BEND, Ore. - For the first time, Patrick Wright of Operation Rebuild Hope takes in the newly acquired property his organization has pushed to make a reality: a Special Housing for veterans in North Bend.

    The project is a bit of a fixer-upper.

    Operation Rebuild Hope, the veteran advocacy group, plans to make a few renovations.

    Wright, director of Operation Rebuild Hope, said their mission is to bring healing to veterans an to the community.

    ”We can house 8 veterans in here, double than what I first thought,” said Wright.

    Wright says it'll be a transitional housing, drug and alcohol free program, hoping to reduce the number of homeless veterans, and cut down on the number of veterans that commit suicide.

    Wright envisions turning the attic space into a rec room, anything to establish comradery to make sure the veterans know they are not alone.

    "With the transition process, I don't think any veteran should have to go through what I did," said Wright. "I was dealing really bad with the PTSD and was self medicating with alcohol and drugs. I was going to commit suicide."

    Wright says his faith got him out, encouraged him to attend a mission in Mexico, and build a house in honor of his friend, Bryan Bertrand, a Marshfield high grad and U.S. Marine who died in Afghanistan in 2002.

    Now, "Bryan's home" is becoming a reality.

    Wright also plans to build tiny houses in the back to be named after local, fallen heroes. He said people can send nominations to Operation Rebuild Hope.

    He says wants veterans to leave “Bryan’s Home” with a job and life skills for a better future.

    Next week the property will be officially owned by Rebuild Hope, and they'll begin construction of Bryan's home

    The cost of the project is close to $500,000.

    You can visit their website to reach out to them for more information and donate to the project there or via their Facebook page by clicking the ‘donate’ button.

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