Army Vet hikes across the country for PTSD awareness

    Army Veteran Eli Smith is hiking to the four corners of the United States to raise awareness for veterans with PTSD.

    EUGENE, Ore. - One army veteran is walking to all four corners of the United States to raise awareness about veteran PTSD.

    Ohio native, Eli Smith, has made his way from Pensacola, Florida to Eugene.

    He said he's doing a 4 Corners Hike to help prevent suicide among veterans. The 13-thousand-mile hike will take him about three and a half years to finish.

    Eli said his walk has helped save several lives already.

    So far, he's received six letters from veterans saying they reached out for help and are still alive thanks to Eli's hike.

    "And that's - I mean, I can't even explain how that feels. I'm just some guy walking around with a backpack, you know I'm homeless and jobless and it's making a difference," said Eli.

    Eli said he's not looking for money, all he wants to do is help connect people to support the troops.

    He also now wants find a way to get to Houston to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

    To help Eli's find his way there, you can find to his website here:

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