Seven-year-old raises money to get homeless veterans off streets

    Maeson Justice (7) is raising money to get homeless veterans off the streets. <p>{/p}

    A young Kennewick boy is doing everything he can to help homeless veterans.

    According to the United States interagency council on homelessness officials estimated that about 2,100 veterans are homeless in the state of Washington.

    “My mommy took me to Walmart and took me to Jack in the Box and I saw people that had Paw Paw's hat on,” said Maeson Justice, founder of Maeson’s Veterans.

    It all started with Paw Paw's hat.

    Maeson asked his mom why a man sitting on the street had the same hat as his grandpa. His grandpa is a navy veteran.

    “Because they did not have no homes,” Maeson said.

    The military is in Maeson’s blood. Both his parents are veterans. So Maeson wanted to help the man with Paw Paw's hat and the other veterans that don't have a home.

    “He's kind of cutting the red tape. It's not just an adult telling another adult hey you need to go get help. It's a seven-year-old saying I want to help you and this is what I'm doing to help you,” said Aaron Massey, Maeson’s mom.

    Maeson teamed up with the Union Gospel Mission.

    “The men's shelter is just really all for free,” said Maeson. “Maybe your eyes will pop out of your brain (because it’s so cool.)”

    Maeson has been raising money to buy bus tickets for homeless vets to get them off the street and over to the Union Gospel Mission in Pasco.

    “I am extremely proud of him. I tell him every morning he's my little hero,” Massey said.

    Maeson has enough money to buy 100 homeless veterans bus tickets, but his goal is to help them all.

    “If we keep it up for the next couple years, I can see it doing nationwide,” Massey said,

    Maeson made the money by working hard.

    “Cleaning their cars walking their dogs,” Maeson said.

    And now they're asking the community to join in

    If you’re interested in reaching out to Maeson’s Veterans you can find them on facebook, and gofundme.

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