'It's been devastating': Eugene Lady Hawks football player's gear stolen

The Eugene Lady Hawks say the gear was stolen between Saturday night and Sunday morning from the player's car at Willamette High School. Photo: Eugene Lady Hawks

EUGENE, Ore.- The Eugene Lady Hawks football team is asking for the public's help after a player's gear was stolen on May 5.

Tressa Miller, center for the team, says the team was playing a Saturday night game at Willamette High School when one of their players, Allie, injured her foot.

She went to the hospital on Saturday night and left her car parked at the high school. When she returned Sunday morning, her back window was smashed and all of her football gear was gone.

Now, players are on the lookout for her football gear with the jersey number 99.

"She's a single mom, just one income, raising two kids, trying to be a role model, trying to be an inspiration to them, and someone goes and does this," Miller says. "It's going to cost her a lot of money to place this, and we don't have a lot of time."

The Eugene Lady Hawks have an away game on May 12th. Players buy all of their own gear, and replacing Allie's gear would cost about $800. This is their first year as an official women's tackle football team.

"It's been devastating," Miller says. "Willamette High School, we love the community, we love our fans, and we're heartbroken that someone most likely from our own community, did this."

Miller is asking people to keep an eye out for the uniform on social media and in public. She says to call the Eugene Police if you see any part of the uniform being sold or worn.

Miller says, for now, Allie will have to wear borrowed gear for the next game.

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