Former Duck Thomas Tyner returns - as a Beaver: 'I don't like living with what if'

Tyner tweet.png

COVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State opened fall football camp on Tuesday, and all eyes were on Thomas Tyner.

The face of the beavers program right now is running back Ryan Nall, but it's a different Oregonian in the Beavers backfield that has everyone's attention. Formerly retired Ducks running back Thomas Tyner is on the roster and practicing with the team.

Now wearing the number 4, just as he did in high school at Aloha, Tyner was back running strong today in drills even though the Beavers were just in shells.

The ex-Duck told us after practice that he didn't want to live a life in "what ifs", and he didn't want to end his college football career with a medical retirement. that's why he's back in the Pac-12 at Oregon State.

Tyner said if he wasn't playing college football right now, he would be a lumber broker in Bend, Oregon.

It sounds like Tyner hasn't missed a beat since his playing days. Head Coach Gary Andersen said Tyner was eager to get to practice, and his teammates had high praise after day one.

According to Tyner, the next step is working off some "fishing weight".

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