Every Moment Football: 7on7 comes to town

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EUGENE, Ore. - Fresh off a move from Philadelphia, former Ivy League quarterback Ben Barnett is impacting the football scene in Eugene.

Private quarterback lessons, grew into the creation of Every Moment Football.. Eugene's first 7on7 team.

"There's a lot of good players that want training," said Ben Barnett, "and they're just hasn't been a program for it."

Local athletes had been forced to look north to join a team.

Sheldon Junior Jack Folsom said "we never had something like this and i think it's really good. Cause it's always been in Portland and stuff and it's like Eugene needs one of these."

Southwest Conference to the Sky-Em, local athletes can develop their football skills year round

"It allows us to develop quarterbacks and receivers and the skills that they need without any of the contact or collisions that come with regular football," said Barnett.

Now in year three helping train the top quarterbacks in the country at Elite 11.

Barnett brings 5 star training to the Willamette Valley.

Marist Sophomore Max Campbell said "he knows what he's talking about and he has great background, great coach and he's a mentor to me".

Sheldon Junior Zach Folsom added, "it's really nice having Ben a mentor and a coach he's got some great experience with Elite 11, he's always down with those 4 and 5 star guys up in Beaverton so it's really nice having him as a coach".

With a holistic approach, the lessons transcend football.

Barnett's goal is to train guys as if he's coaching them in the fall.

"I just want to be a supplement that helps the coaches and the players develop more football in town. You know build a football community within the Eugene, Springfield area".

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