'We got to see before they tore it down': Salvage work begins on Hayward's East Grandstand

Workers could be seen pulling up boards from the bleachers in the East Grandstands at Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus Monday morning. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Aaron Davidson traveled from Kansas City to Eugene for a last glimpse of historic Hayward Field in its current form.

"I came home and told my wife, 'Hey we need to go, it's a bucket list thing," "I didn't know it was going to happen, so we just put together a trip last minute."

Davidson snapped photographs as crews started pulling boards from the East Grandstand on Monday.

"I wanted to see a meet out here, like a live meet, but I'm still glad we came even though we didn't get to see a meet: we got to see before they tore it down," he said.

The University of Oregon said major demolition and renovations start next week.

This week, crews are out salvaging materials for possible resuse.

The group trying to save the East Grandstands sees it another way.

"It's demolition," said Bob Penny with East Grandstand Supporters. "You are removing material from the building, you are taking the building apart."

Penny thinks the work Monday isn't approved under the demolition permit issued by the City of Eugene.

"At this point we feel as though they have violated the demolition permit," Penny said, "and we are talking with lawyers and exploring our options at this point."

Penny isn't sure what could be done to stop the demolition.

"I had to mentally prepare myself," he said, "that maybe this was the last time I would see it standing."

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