Sports reporter raises enough money to buy 500 kids tickets to a Duck basketball game

    <p>Matt Prehm wanted to help send as many kids as he can to a game, especially after all the team did for his son Ryan after the crash. "To see that they took the time to welcome him and treat him like a normal kid when he wasn't at the time," he said. (Submitted photo){/p}

    EUGENE, Ore. - When Matt Prehm and his two sons were injured in a car crash in February, the community - the the Oregon athletes Matt covers as a sports reporter - came to their aid.

    He wanted to pay it back, so Matt started raising money to buy tickets to an Oregon basketball game for less fortunate youth.

    "I thought a lot of people have gone to Matt Knight Arena, and I always bump into people that say their family hasn't been or they're going for their first time," Matt said. "That kind of surprised me so I felt like, let me help some kids that maybe haven't gone to a basketball game or don't get to go to basketball games on a regular basis."

    It worked.

    Oregon Athletics says Matt has raised enough money to buy about 500 tickets to Saturday's game against Nebraska-Omaha.

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