East Grandstand Supporters look to block demolition plans at Hayward

(KVAL image)

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Hayward Field East Grandstand Supporters are moving closer to taking potential legal action to try to block plans to demolish the historic structure.

The group announced this Saturday at a meeting on the University of Oregon campus.

This spring, the U of O released plans for a newly designed track stadium that would replace all the old facilities and expand seating.

The group states that, in addition to having historical and sentimental value, the current east grandstand is a more suitable size for Eugene.

“We'd like to encourage them to step back for a moment and realize what's going to be lost and understand that they may end up building a stadium that would be empty most the time, walled off from the community,” said East Grandstand supporter Bill Penny.

Penny didn't outline today what legal channels they would be taking or when any suit might be filed.

U of O planners want to have the new Hayward completed by 2020 ahead of the 2021 Track World Championships.

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