Casino Kitchen : STIX Signature Grinder*

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3 x 7 bistro roll (serves 1)

2 oz. ea. - Ham, Turkey & Roast Beef

2 slices ea. - bacon, Cheddar & Swiss cheese slices

2 slices of tomato

1 oz. red onion

2 oz. Bistro Sauce

1 pickle spear

Choice of side

7 oz. tots, or 7 oz. fries, or 7 oz. sidewinders , or cup of soup, or side salad, or 6 oz. coleslaw

To Serve

Spread Bistro Sauce on roll, add all meats, cheeses and vegetables. Fold grinder together and cut in half. Place on plate with favorite side dish and pickle spear.

*Recipe created by Seven Feathers’ Executive Chef Mark Henry

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