Casino Kitchen: Meatlover's Omelet

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Seven Feathers Casino Resort’s Meat Lover’s Omelet*


Meat Lover’s Omelet:

3 large eggs

olive oil

1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

1 ounce sausage, cooked and crumbled

1 ounce ham, cooked and diced

1 ounce pork, chopped (any pork will work)

salt & pepper, to taste

To Plate:

2 ounces Pico de Gallo


Meat Lover’s Omelet:

1) Lightly whip eggs in a medium bowl, let sit for 2 minutes.

2) Heat 8 inch omelet pan over medium-high heat. Add bacon, sausage, ham and pork. Add desired amounts of salt and pepper; heat thoroughly. Turn down to low.

3) Heat a second 8 inch omelet pan over medium-high heat. Add enough olive oil to coat. Add egg mixture, tilt pan to spread evenly; cook 1 minute or until edges begin to set. Lift edge of omelet with a rubber spatula, tilting pan to roll uncooked egg mixture onto bottom of pan. Repeat procedure on opposite edge of omelet. Cook 1 minute or until center is set.

4) Sprinkle cheddar cheese evenly over 1/2 of the omelet. Sprinkle meat mixture evenly over the cheese.

To Plate:

Using a rubber spatula, gently begin to slide the omelet (cheese and meat half first) onto a plate. As the omelet is sliding onto the plate, gently fold the omelet onto itself. Top with Pico de Gallo and serve.

*Serves 1

*Recipe created by Seven Feathers’ Executive Chef Mark Henry.

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