Grieving family finds burial vault exposed

Grieving family finds burial vault exposed (WBFF)

BALTIMORE - Imagine suddenly losing a loved one. You have their funeral and burial services. Then, days later return to the cemetery only to find their final resting place in disarray. That’s what a Baltimore family says is happening to them.

Damon Bright, 43, of Baltimore died unexpectedly of a blood clot on August 28, 2017.

“This is Damon,” said Wanda Belt, holding up her son’s picture. “Everybody says he looked like me but he was his father’s twin.”

Belt said countless people showed up to her son’s funeral. He was a husband, a father and a friend to many.

Following the funeral services, Belt said she had her son buried at Maryland National Memorial Park in Laurel.

“It was hard. It is hard,” said Belt. But, I understand God does certain things for a reason.”

What Belt can’t comprehend is why her son’s burial plot looks the way it does, still now more than two months since his death.

Belt showed Fox 45 pictures of the ground collapsed and a portion of the burial vault which holds her son’s casket, exposed.

More frustrating, Belt said she has asked management to fix the burial plot now three times. But, nothing.

“We’ve been to the office several times,” said Belt. “They say it’s going to be fixed, it’s going to be fixed, it’s going to be fixed. But, evidently it has not been fixed.”

When Fox 45 went to the cemetery to question management, the office had already closed for the day.

Belt said she would like her son’s casket moved to another plot in the park so that he’s given a proper resting place and the family can move forward.

Fox 45 also reached out to Maryland National Memorial and Dignity Memorial by phone for comment but did not yet hear back.

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