Rare squid found near Cannon Beach: 'Little is known about ... these amazing giants'

    Robust clubhook squid - Image from the Seaside Aquarium

    SEASIDE, Ore. – Biologists at the Seaside Aquarium recently got a rare look at a 10-foot robust clubhook squid that washed ashore near Cannon Beach, Oregon last week.

    The “Onykia robusta” was found in the sand near Silver Point, which is just south of Cannon Beach.

    Aquarium officials said the clubhook squid is the third largest species, and they can reach up to 12 feet long.

    According to officials, squids and octopuses both die shortly after laying eggs. They suspect that is how this one died.

    Officials said this particular squid had been dead for a short time, and other marine life had not started scavenging – giving biologists a “unique opportunity” to dissect and examine the squid.

    “Little is known about the life history of these amazing giants, so we were very excited to be able to get a closer look,” Seaside Aquarium said on Facebook.

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