Portlandia stars endorse Meas. 99: 'Outdoor school for all'

Photo sent from the Yes on 99 campaign - 1.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen want you to save outdoor school for Oregon students.

The stars of Portlandia are weighing in on the Oregon election via a video supporting Ballot Measure 99.

The video is part of the “Yes on 99” campaign encouraging people to go outside and shoot a quick video of themselves - and why they support Measure 99. Those videos are being posted on social media with the hashtag #yeson99.

"We're asking that you vote yes on Measure 99. Outdoor school for all. Gets kids reconnected with nature, gets them off their phones,” Armisen said in the video

“Taking a break from technology can only be good thing. Vote yes on outdoor school, outdoor school for all," Brownstein adds.

An homage to the outdoor school tradition of wood cookies has also mysteriously been appearing on some statues around town.

A “Yes on 99” spokesperson said the wood cookie necklaces are not part of their campaign, but they say it is a pretty cool way of spreading the message on a shared experience for many of voting age.

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