New wolf activity detected in Oregon

UKIAH, Ore. - For years, people have reported wolf activity in the Desolation Creek area of eastern Oregon.

Biologists even documented single wolves in the area earlier this year.

But on December 15, biologists documented the tracks of 2 wolves in the region southeast of Ukiah.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on Wednesday said the area of Grant and Umatilla counties east of Highway 395 will be designated as an official Area of Known Wolf Activity.

Such areas are created where and when wolves have become established.

ODFW has little data regarding the specifics of this new pair of wolves and whether they are potential mates.

Within Areas of Known Wolf Activity, the state recommends livestock producers use preventative measures to minimize wolf-livestock conflicts.

Assistance with these proactive non-lethal measures is available from ODFW and the ODA Compensation Plan.

Though not required, non-lethal measures are important. If wolves begin to prey on livestock, the state's ability to lethally remove wolves depends on the extent that non-lethal measures have been used.

There are at least 8 documented wolf packs in Oregon, all in Northeastern Oregon.

Oregon's wandering wolf OR-7 and his made constitute another Areas of Known Wolf Activity in eastern Douglas County south to the California border.

The wolves in Oregon are descended from the animals reintroduced into Idaho in the late 20th century. The animals swam across the Snake River and established themselves in Oregon, where both state and federal law protect the animals.

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