Massive ice dam in Snake River worrisome for downstream residents

All the rain and melting snow are pushing the Snake River higher and that has some people living along the river fearing for their homes.

Lori and Gary Clark have been watching the Snake River from their back deck for the past 26 years, but said what they've been seeing the past couple of days is the craziest thing they've seen in decades.

"This was so wild," Lori said. "It was tumbling. It was like ice was just tumbling down the river like it was like an avalanche."

The Clarks watched for hours as the ice rolled down stream.

Lori said from the time she woke up Monday the ice just kept coming and coming with some ice sheets four feet higher than the river.

According to Gary the ice which has deposited itself along his backyard has lifted his boat dock at least 4 feet.

But around 1:30 p.m., all of that ice just stopped coming down the river and the water became nice and calm.

So Lori and Gary went to figure out what happened to all the ice.

"My husband went down to the park a little later that afternoon and he come back and said you gotta see this!" Lori said.

What Gary wanted her to see: a massive ice dam.

From a distance it appears to be at least 6 feet tall and spans the width of the river.

Lori fears what they see now is the calm before the flood, literally.

For now the Clarks and the other residents down stream from that ice dam are just going to have to wait and see what happens, as only time will tell how that ice dam will break off and how that will affect the properties downstream.

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