Lost in the outdoors? There are ways to be more easily spotted by rescuers

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After a father and son went missing last week during a hunting trip, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office is giving the public tips on how to stay safe in rural areas.

The father and son ran off a snowy road near Tiller.

Officials say in a situation where you might encounter something like that, be sure to pack food, water, and an extra change of clothing.

Most importantly, stay with your vehicle and roads as much as possible, and if you get lost, search and rescue says there are ways to be easily spotted.

"This sounds weird, but if you happen to be lost in a situation, but you hear something like a helicopter, a vehicle driving down the side of the road, and you can get out into an open area, bare skin shows up really well," says Douglas County Search & Rescue Coordinator Brian Melvin.

Deputies also say hunters should pack bright clothing and not just camouflage.

Wearing colors such as baby blue actually increases your chances of being rescued.

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