Idaho Adventure: Gold Fork Hot Springs

We all know that ‘Adventure Starts with Weather’.

This Idaho Adventure is enticing all year round.

Off the beaten path, this adventure takes you 6 miles into the woods along the Gold Fork River.

Tucked along the hillside, Gold Fork Hot Springs is the place to kick back and relax.

"It's a very natural surrounding whereas the hot springs that I’ve been in are more the cement pools like the lower segment here...this is very nice with the rocks and everything, more like you found one out in the woods," said Craig Erickson from Post Falls, ID.

These hot springs are a place to disconnect from a modern world.

"You're able to come back here and shut off, no cell phones, no service, no electricity, no power lines, nothing," said Mike Johnson, an employee at Gold Fork Hot Springs.

You don't have to worry about being too hot, or too cool, you'll find just the right soaking temperature in one of the six hot pools ranging from 109 to 94 degrees.

"It's just a little ways off the highway, takes a few minutes to get here, but well worth it, it's fun the whole family, the kids love it," said Derek Braun from Boise.

The pools are all linked with a flow-through system which gradually replenishes the water, and if you're looking for the freshest water, come on Wednesday’s.

"We drain these, drain all the pools and scrub them all, every one of them on Tuesdays and then fill them back up with fresh water on Wednesdays," said Johnson.

No matter when you take your adventure, the alkaline rich water won't disappoint.

The hot springs are open every day except Tuesdays for cleaning.

They do have a pack in-pack out policy.

More information on the hot pools can be found here.

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