Ah-choo!gene, Oregon, once again worst allergy city in nation

EUGENE, Ore. - One of the world's greatest cities for the arts and outdoors has landed atop another national list: the worst city in America for allergy sufferers.

Eugene climbed atop the national rankings of worst cities for allergies on over the weekend.

The forecast calls for pollen counts to increase through at least Wednesday and remain elevated until at least Thursday.

Thanks to the southern Willamette Valley's status as a world leader in grass seed farming, Eugene also winds up atop the worst city list several times each summer.

If your eyes are itchy, here's some small comfort: changes in Oregon law now bar extensive field burning. Back in 2008, Olympians competing at the Track and Field trials at Hayward Field faced air quality that gave that year's host city of Beijing a run for its runny nose.

Of course, only you can prevent forest fires, another potential source of air pollution. The georgraphy and weather in the southern Willamette Valley can trap smoke from far away fires in the skies over Eugene.

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