ExplOregon: Cut your own Christmas tree

Kristin Goodwillie tagged along with a family as they made their annual trip to cut down a Christmas tree in the forest. Watch the process on ExplOregon

OAKRIDGE, Ore. - The first winter snow has fallen and many are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree. We headed down highway 58 just outside Oakridge to the Middle Fork Ranger Office. There, you can get a permit for $5 and it allows you to cut down one tree in designated areas.

The rangers will be able to tell you about road conditions and where to look for the best trees. From there, put on your warm clothes and head out to find the perfect tree.

Don't forget to have a little fun along the way.

In this episode of ExplOregon, Kristin Goodwillie tags along with a family on a Christmas tree cutting tradition that spans four generations.

More information on where you can get permits, general guidelines and tree selecting tips is available online.

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