Eugene parks plan includes tax proposals to support park maintenance and improvements

A flyover of the new Amazon Playground courtesy Randal Larson of Snowbird Drone Service.

EUGENE, Ore. – The City of Eugene has unveiled a 30-year plan for the parks and recreation system, along with two proposals to ask voters to help pay for park maintenance and expansion.

"The plan includes new and renovated parks and trails, better access to the Willamette River, revitalized pools and community centers, and improved natural areas," the City's Parks & Open Space division said in a statement Wednesday.

The City Council will consider two funding measures related to parks next Monday, according to the statement.

"One is a levy that would fund improved park and natural area maintenance activities such as increased garbage collection, trail maintenance, and response to illicit activities, as well as improved restroom access and weekend maintenance," according to the City website.

Documents related to those projects show a budget of just under $2.4 million.

"The second is a bond measure to fund new and improved parks and recreation services and facilities," according to the website.

Documents related to that measure show a budget of over $63 million, including over $39 million in bond funding.

The City provided this look at the options on the table, which place the combined cost of the levy and bond at between $7.30 and $8.30 per month for the typical homeowner.

The City said the 250 projects identified in the plan following four "guiding principles":

Care for and make the most of what we have: Provide safe, clean and fun parks and recreation facilities, and enhance their value for the community to enjoy.
Serve the entire community: Provide equitable and welcoming access to parks and recreation facilities, regardless of neighborhood, race, ability or income.
Create more connections: Build on Eugene's strong foundation of connected open spaces and trail networks by completing and making new connections at the regional, city and neighborhood levels.
Build better partnerships: Forge new relationships and reinvent old partnerships.
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