Don't forget to look up: Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend!

FILE - The Perseid meteor shower taken from Belmar, N.J., Aug. 6, 2013. (Mike Black/NASA/MGN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) - A Lyrid meteor shower is radiating through the sky, and peak viewing time is this weekend: April 22 and 23.

In the early morning hours this Saturday, observers in the right location should see 18 meteors per hour before dawn, according to NASA.

Where's the right location?

A dark area - away from city light pollution.

NASA says since the moon will be nearly to its new moon phase, we can expect excellent moon-less viewing conditions.

The actual new moon is on April 26.

Even better news is that skies in the greater Portland metro area will likely be clear for peak viewing time, after what's expected to be a sunny, cloudless Friday.

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Watch NASA's "What's up for April" video below for more on the meteor shower:

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