Do you recognize these Good Samaritans who turned in lost iPhone?

Update! The two in the photo have been identified! Thanks for spreading the word!

SEATTLE -- A woman who had her lost iPhone returned by a pair of Good Samaritans is hoping you can help track them down so she can give them a proper thanks.

Halley Knigge, a former web producer who covered Tacoma for, was hiking up on Mt. Rainier Wednesday with her husband and two friends when toward the end of the hike, realized she no longer had her brand new iPhone 5S. She retraced her snowshoe prints to the last spot she took a photo, but didn't have any luck, and with the Longmire gates closing in 90 minutes, her group decided it was time to get off the mountain.

"My husband was not thrilled - this was a new iPhone 5S I'd only had for a few months, and it would have been an expensive start to the new year," Knigge said. "But I was still optimistic. I just felt like like-minded outdoorsy people who also wanted to kick off the new year with some fresh mountain air might also be helpful honest people."

It turns out, she was right. Her phone had been returned to the visitor's center just a few minutes before she got there. The people who turned in the phone didn't leave any contact information, but they did leave a few important clues.

"When I checked my phone on the way home, I discovered that they'd taken a few sunset view photos for me, as well as this mountain selfie [pictured above]," she wrote.

She wanted to share it in the hopes she can track them down and send them a proper thank you. If you know who they are, you can let us know at and we'll help make the connection.

P.S. here is the sunset photo they took:

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