Sled the gnar! Snow day a great chance to play: 'Eat Breakfast! Go! Go! Go!'

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EUGENE, Ore - Snow may have slowed down some commutes this morning, but it wasn’t an obstruction for everyone.

“It was like get up! Eat Breakfast! Go! Go! Go,” said Amanda Hvess, mother of three.

Hvass and her sons took advantage of the 4J School District’s 2-hour delay by sledding at Westmorland Park.

“We were anticipating a whole day of no school, but we’ll take it. We’ll take whatever we can get,” Hvass said.

It’s the first snow this winter that didn’t melt right away in Eugene this winter.

“It’s a little grassy as you can see, so it’s not the best snow for sledding,” said Taylor Hvass, the oldest of the three boys.

That didn’t stop younger kids and animals at Washburn Park. Dogs pulled kids on their sleds and some kids were just excited to do what they we’ve watched on television.

A mother of a two-year-old said her daughter watched the Skeleton and Bobsled competitions at the Olympics.

“So she sees it and now she gets to be in the sled, “ said mom.

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