Casino Kitchen: STIX Pastrami Sandwich


    Seven Feathers Casino Resort’s, STIX Pastrami Sandwich*



    green cabbage, shredded

    red cabbage, shredded

    carrot, shredded

    apple cider vinegar, don’t make too tart

    mayonnaise, just enough to moisten

    sugar, to taste

    salt & pepper to taste

    Pastrami Sandwich:

    8 ounces pastrami, lean and thinly sliced

    4 ounces sauerkraut, squeezed of excess moisture

    4 slices wheat bread, thickly cut

    4 slices Provolone (some prefer cheddar)

    4 tbsp. whole-grain mustard

    4 dill pickle spears (for garnish)

    salted butter, softened



    Mix your preferred amounts of shredded green cabbage, red cabbage and carrots with apple cider vinegar and mayonnaise.

    Add sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Chef recommends 3 ounces per serving.

    Build the Sandwich:

    1) Butter the outsides of the bread.

    2) Place bread, butter side down on a medium-low heat griddle.

    3) Spread whole-grain mustard on non-buttered sides of the bread.

    4) Place a slice of Provolone on each slice of the bread, on top of the whole-grain mustard.

    5) Add equal amounts of the sauerkraut on top of two of the slices of bread.

    6) Heat the pastrami on the griddle until just warmed through.

    7) Add equal amounts of the pastrami on top of the sauerkraut.

    8) Making sure the bread is toasted, place remaining two pieces of bread with only the Provolone and whole-grain mustard on top of the pastrami, buttered side facing out.

    9) Cut each sandwich corner to corner. Add the pickle spears as the garnish with the coleslaw.

    *Serves 2

    * Recipe created by Seven Feathers’ Executive Chef Mark Henry.

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