Prosser HS students return to class after police identify explosive device

Photo: Prosser High School

PROSSER, Wash. - Prosser High School students have safely returned to school after investigators identified a small explosive device at the school.

[Update, 5:35 p.m., Tuesday] Prosser Police said they will increase their patrols to the Prosser High School campus for the rest of the week, and are currently reviewing surveillance footage of the area. They said they have no suspects at this time, but

will be looking into students that have been expelled in the past week.

[Update, 1:10 p.m., Tuesday] Prosser police say they have found a small explosive device at Prosser High School after students were evacuated to Housel Middle School for safety.

The Richland Police Department Explosive Ordinance Unit was contacted, responded to the scene, and took custody of the device. Subsequently, the Richland Explosive Ordinance Unit determined that the device was found to be a small explosive device.

ATF is assisting with the investigation, and will be conducting an examination of the device in order to determine more specific information.

Classes have resumed and detectives continue to investigate.

[Update, 11:44 a.m., Tuesday] Reports say PHS students can now safely return to class after police recovered the object and the school was found to be safe following an investigation.

The Prosser School District said the evacuation was necessary after a student found the item near a classroom and brought it to the school security office.

Classes are now continuing as normal for schools in the district.

District officials say they will continue to follow the situation and provide updates as available as safety for students and staff is their main concern.

---End of Update---

A statement on the Prosser School District website said students were evacuated to Housel Middle School, Tuesday morning, to ensure student safety.

Schools were in lockdown while the campuses were checked for safety, according to an update from district officials. Housel Middle School and the elementary schools are proceeding as normal with school.

School staff will be at Housel to answer questions from parents.

Anyone needing additional information can call Interim Superintendent, Deanna Flores at 509-786-3323.

This is a developing story. Information will be updated as available.

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