Oregon State trooper meets student playing music in rain, gets him new euphonium

Oregon State Troopers worked together to give a Portland middle school student his own euphonium after they saw him playing in the rain to raise money. Photo courtesy Oregon State Police

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon State Police troopers helped give a Portland middle school student his own euphonium after learning the boy had turned his life around with music.

In April, State Trooper Dezso met 12-year-old Cole playing his school-owned euphonium horn on a corner in the rain. Cole told the trooper he was raising money to buy his own instrument and had earned a bit of cash the past couple times he played on the street.

Oregon State Troopers decided to contact Cole’s music teacher, Mr. Wurst, who told them Cole had really turned his life around after he joined band. Wurst said his grades and class engagement had drastically improved.

Trooper Dezso, along with Trooper Brenton and Mr. Wurst made a plan to help Cole reach his goal.

Tuesday night, during the bandy’s final concert, the Troopers and band instructor presented Cole with a euphonium, a metronome, some music books, a cleaning kit and a lanyard. Beacock Music also gave Cole a certificate for a free month of private lessons.

After receiving the euphonium at the concert, Cole gave a solo performance of "Amazing Grace."

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