January is School Choice Month for Eugene 4J District students

(North Eugene High School (File/SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Choosing a school to best fit your child's needs can be a challenge.

The Eugene 4J School District is trying to make that decision a bit easier.

January is School Choice Month – a time when you can apply to out-of-neighborhood schools.

This goes for any school in 4J from kindergarten through high school.

Officials are urging parents to consider their options by going to the tours and events that are being held this month.

Once an application is submitted, students are selected through a lottery system.

“For most schools, priority is returning students, then siblings, then all other students who live in the district, then students who live outside the district are eligible to take remaining slots if there aren't any students on the waiting list who live in the district," explains Kerry Delf with Eugene 4J.

The application period ends on January 31 at midnight.

You can apply on the 4J website as well as check out the tours and events for each school.

One of those schools is North Eugene. In past years, North was losing enrollment, but this year they added more than a hundred new students and they're hoping to fill all their seats.

"What we're trying to do at North is create an environment where kids feel welcome, where there's access to academic programs, where there's access to extracurricular programs and we have a caring staff. I think that makes the difference," says North Eugene High School Principal Iton Udosenata.

North is also hosting a couple of events on January 24, with a school tour in the afternoon and a showcase of their programs and academics in the evening.

For more information, visit the district's website.

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