Elementary school students release 200 salmon into the Rogue River

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

If you were in Gold Hill early Thursday afternoon chances are you saw a parade of kids making their way to the Rogue River.

Patrick Elementary School called it the Salmon Parade.

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade helped care for 200 baby salmon since the start of November and Thursday was the big day to set them free.

The school principal, Sara Hanberg, says it was an experience of compassion and awareness.

"When you see things like how salmon in the wildlife are affected by pollution and we do have a salmon shortage. It's an opportunity for kids to really see the impact that has on our community," said Hanberg.

The students helped monitor the temperature of the tank two to three times a week.

A great perk was they didn't need to feed them, the salmon have egg sacks attached to them, which allow them to feed themselves.

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