Tualatin officials and volunteers rescue goldfish from draining pond, find them new homes

Tualatin city officials and volunteers rescued about 200 goldfish from a pond that was being drained. KATU photo

TUALATIN, Ore. – A large school of goldfish is getting a second chance at life after the city of Tualatin found homes for them.

The estimated 200 goldfish in the Tualatin Commons pond were facing their death as the city drained the pond. Since the fish are considered invasive species, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was not going to step in to save them.

But, after KATU News shared the story of the fishes’ fate, the city and volunteers worked to remove the fish and find new homes for them.

When KATU first reported on the story, officials said anyone interested in the fish could sign a liability waiver and enter the pond to remove the fish.

City officials said some of the goldfish were the size of a small football.

Tualatin city officials say someone put the fish in the pond and they multiplied quickly.

They cannot be released into public waterways so all the fish needed to find homes on private properties.

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