This 6'7" Mississippi steer is even bigger than the Australian internet sensation

    Bubba Pinkard with Milo and Otis-Photo Courtesy Bubba Pinkard

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) -A 6'4" steer in Australia named Knickers has taken the internet by storm but it turns out there's one even bigger in Mississippi.

    Bubba Pinkard runs BS Farms located in McVille, Mississippi. Pinkard says Milo stands a towering 6'7" at the withers. That's an inch taller than both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

    If Milo is the power forward, Otis is the guard standing at 6'2" tall.

    Pinkard says he took them in after Rockin R Rescue saved them from being slaughtered. Otis is around 6-years-old and Milo is around 5-years-old based on the wear of the teeth which was used to figure out their ages. The average life expectancy for them is 18 to 22 years.

    Suzy Pinkard (5 feet tall) with Otis

    Pinkard says they eat grass, hay, range cubes, corn silage and sweet feed, pounding away about 50 pounds of range cubes alone each day. That doesn't include the hay, grass and corn silage the graze on during the day.

    "They came to my property to retire and live a content life," Pinkard says. "They will pass away here at their home and be buried here at home."

    Speaking with FOX 17 News, we couldn't help but ask just how large the 'cow pies' must be? "Their food intake is rather large so their cow piles are two to three times the size of an average cow." Pinkard adds they also urinate for a minute and a half from start to finish. "I timed it," Pinkard says.

    Pinkard says Otis and Milo are simply his "extremely large pets." Pinkard says the two love being brushed and pet and he is proud to call them "my boys."

    Anyone taking a trip down Natchez Trace can get a look at Milo and Otis at mile marker 154.

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