State issues cease-and-desist order for 'Keep Portland Weird' license plate campaign

Keep Portland Weird official Oregon license plate (Via Kickstarter)

The Oregon Department of Justice issued a cease-and-desist order Friday to the organizer of a campaign for new 'Keep Portland Weird' license plates.

The DOJ says the campaign's organizer has not complied with state law by applying for a new plate with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV sent the organizer information on requirements to launch a new plate months ago, according to the DOJ.

"Our main concern at this point is that potential backers may assume the application has been filed by a qualified non-profit organization, and that the plate design has been approved for production if the organizer meets his funding goal," said DMV administrator Tom McClellan. "For a successful launch of a new plate, an applicant must qualify and follow the process set forth in Oregon law."

The DMV and DOJ say the cease-and-desist order will remain in effect for the Kickstarter campaign until the plate has been approved for production.

The organizer, Steve Barile, was aiming to raise $155,000 to create the new plates through 3,000 $50 pledges. He said the balance and future revenue would go to the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) and the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.

At last check, the campaign had raised $4,657.

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