Seattle's tiny house built out of spite sold

SEATTLE - If you were hoping to buy a little slice of Seattle folklore, sorry - you're out of luck, as Montlake's "spite house" officially went off the market over the weekend.

The real estate agent for the seller confirmed the 830-square-foot house built out of spite has sold.

The iconic - and tiny - pie-shaped home was only on the market for several weeks before getting snatched up.

Ev Winningham, the selling agent from John L. Scott, said the new buyer is from the Seattle area, and all parties involved are very pleased with the sale.

Originally built in 1925, the history of the tiny home is one cloaked in myth and mystery.

One legend claims the home was the result of a divorce settlement when a judge awarded the husband the house and the wife the front yard. Rumor claims the woman built the sliver of a home on top of her front yard out of spite for her husband. But overtime that story has proved just that - a story. The legend more widely shared is one even the now former owner believes.

"I always heard it was a land dispute," said Lisa Horton.

The story alleges the home went up after the next-door neighbor, who wanted to buy the pie-shaped corner lot, made a low-ball offer to the property owner. The property owner was so mad at the offer he built the house to get back at his neighbor, who eventually ended up moving.

The asking price for the home was $397,500 but Winningham said exactly how much it sold for could not be disclosed.

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