Pickup found partially buried on Oregon beach

Pickup found buried on Oregon beach - Photo courtesy Jay Pitman

GEARHART, Ore. (KATU) – Beachgoers came across an unusual sight in Gearhart, Ore., over the weekend – a pickup truck halfway buried in the sand.

Jay Pitman regularly rides his 4-wheeler on the beach. He was among the first to find the truck on Sunday morning.

He tells KATU News the truck was stolen last night and then ditched in the sand.

His biggest concern was getting the truck out before it leaked more oil and fuel into the ocean.

"It had already gone through one high tide... and we were trying to get it out before it went through another tide," Pitman said.

Seaside Police officials said they don't know how the truck ended up on the beach, and they couldn’t confirm whether or not it was stolen.

KATU has reached out to Oregon State Police for comment, however they have yet to respond.

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