'Spokane Spanker' confesses: I slapped them for the thrill of it

Photo via Google Earth

SPOKANE, Wash. — A man who claims to have slapped the backsides of dozens of women along a popular hiking trail that runs through Spokane has read a tearful confession on live television.

Numerous women contacted law enforcement officers in recent days to report that a man approached them on the Centennial Trail, slapped them on the backside and then fled.

The style of attack led the media to refer to the man as the "Spokane Spanker" in news reports.

According to the Spokesman Review, on Wednesday, 28-year-old Jonathan Smith went to KHQ television station, and identified himself as the spanker.

Smith then read a two-page letter apologizing to victims on camera. During the confession, employees at KHQ called the police.

"When I did this I was only thinking of this in my point of view," Smith said in his five minute confession to KHQ-TV. "I saw women's butts that I liked and slapped them for the thrill of it."

"I'm sorry, and wish all women to feel safe and secure wherever they go," Smith told the station.

During the confession, Smith also stated that he wants to apologize to all of his victims, so he's planning on being at a local park this weekend.

"I will express my apology to you in person, and you are welcome to say anything you want to me," Smith said to KHQ. "If you want, I will even accept a slap in the face to repay the slap I dealt you."

Police say they are investigating, and that Smith may be arrested before he gets a chance to appear at the park.

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