Video shows shooting involving deputy and ex-girlfriend

Video shows shooting involving PBSO deputy and ex-girlfriend. (WPEC)

New video has been released showing the moment a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy tried to kill a local mother at point-blank range, and then he turned the gun on himself.

Thankfully she survived.

She’s still in the hospital nearly two months after the horrific crime.

A morning walk October 12 with her dog became a nightmare for Yuly Solano, 41.

As she walked home, surveillance video shows her ex-boyfriend PBSO deputy Michael Demarco, 55, was waiting for her at Inlet Harbor Club Condominiums, 2424 North Federal Highway, Boynton Beach. He gets out of his car, and walks alongside her.

The two of them go out of view briefly.

Then we see on the video Solano is backing away from Demarco, who has his gun drawn.

He then raises the gun and points it at her.

The rest is so disturbing, we are choosing not to show it.

Deputy Demarco can be seen firing several times, shooting Solano and then committing suicide.

“I just seen a sheriff that works here walk up to this girl he used to date and just shot her,” said a neighbor who called 911.

Another surveillance camera at Inlet Harbor Club caught the shooting from a different angle.

Solano’s voice can be heard, as the neighbor rushes to her side and calls 911.

“Victim: Please help me. Help me. Please help me.

911 Dispatcher: Is that the female that’s talking?

Caller: The female, yeah she’s talking.”

Police say Demarco was on duty, in uniform and shot her with his PBSO-issued handgun.

Solano’s attorney tells our news partner that Deputy Demarco planned this ambush.

“This was unprovoked, this was pre-meditated by the officer, who had been stalking her,” said Gary Iscoe, attorney for Yuly Solano and her daughter.

He says Demarco was angry that Solano had broken up with him.

“She has a huge hole in her right arm. She got shot in her right arm. She got shot a couple times in her right lung as well and it broke three of her ribs. She’s fighting, she’s continuing to stay positive,” Aryana Solano, Yuly Solano’s daughter told

Nearly two months since the attack, Solano’s daughter says her mother can barely talk, and part of her vocal cords are paralyzed. She’s up walking around a little bit as she recovers in the hospital.

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