Video: Lift malfunction is skier's worst nightmare come to life

Video: Lift malfunction is skier's worst nightmare (KUTV)

(KUTV) The video is chilling and it may give you pause before you climb on a ski resort chairlift again.

Video from a Georgia ski resort -- the nation north of Turkey and Armenia -- shows a chairlift running at high speeds that injured eight people. Those who exited the high-speed terror ride may have injured their legs but those who stayed on board were flung into a metal pileup of wrecked lift chairs and the ski lift support structure, risking death.

According to GeorgiaToday, the malfunction happened at a Gudauri, Georgia, resort where it was also reported the injuries were not serious, but PravdaReport claimed the eight were taken to a hospital.

Whatever the status of the skiers, the video seems plucked from any skier's worst nightmares.

Screaming onlookers told riders to get off the lift and a few helped those that did to avoid the next oncoming chairs and passengers hurtling behind them, but for one minute and eight seconds, the viewer can feel the same helplessness that Georgian skiers must have felt.

The Pravda report suggested the incident was caused by the negligence of workers who caused the lift to malfunction.

GeorgiaToday reported that there is an investigation into the manufacturing company of the lift.

The Washington Post suggests that watching the video will end you ski career.

Deadspin, with a lot of colorful adult language, suggests the lift was possessed by Satan.

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