Nora the polar bear gets acquainted with new habitat mate in Utah zoo

Nora and Hope - Photo courtesy the Hogle Zoo.jpg

The polar bear who spent a year as a cub at the Oregon Zoo is getting to know her new roommate after she was relocated to a new habitat in Utah.

Nora the polar bear first arrived at the Oregon Zoo in September 2016 as a pint-sized cub, just under one year old.

She was meant be a companion for the Oregon Zoo’s other polar bear, Tasul, who had just lost her longtime habitat mate Conrad. Nearly a month after Nora’s move, however, Tasul passed away.

Nora moved to the Hogle Zoo in Utah where she was introduced to her new habitat mate, Hope, who is about the same age.

Staff tells us that the bears have hit it off.

The Oregon Zoo is currently renovating its polar bear habitat; they expect it to be finished in 2020. It isn’t clear whether Nora will return to Portland once the project is complete.

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