Dramatic photo shows firefighters exhausted from battling Thomas Fire

This photo taken by Tehachapi Valley Fire Crew supervisor Edgar Sanchez shows Crew 11 sleeping in a field after a 24-hour fire fight at the Thomas Fire.

There are many ways to describe the Thomas Fire, which is still burning in Southern California.

The fire now 91 percent contained has scorched 440 square miles of land. It has cost millions of dollar to put out. The fire has destroyed more than 1,000 buildings. Eight thousand firefighters have joined forces to extinguish the flames, and thousands of civilians have evacuated.

Even so, the Thomas Fire can be characterized in a single snapshot, a photo taken by a firefighter of his crew sleeping in a field they fought to defend after being on the clock for 24 hours straight.

The men are that of Tehachapi Valley Fire Crew 11.

All of the men are safe and back home now.

Many of them are seasonal firefighters and have since been laid off for the winter.

The men in the photo are Lyle Drake, Dillon Newell, Anthony Marmolejo, Austin Carroll, Dalton Scaggs, Weston Thornberry, Caleb Huebner and Jordan Carr.

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