Pro-pot activists arrested for handing out free joints on Capitol Hill on 4/20

Pro-pot activists arrested for handing out free joints on Capitol Hill on 4/20. (Skylar Jahangiri/ ABC7)

Seven people were arrested at the corner of First and Constitution Ave., NE on Capitol Hill Thursday afternoon.

All arrested are members of DC Marijuana Justice - advocates for the legalization of marijuana nationwide.

“I feel like the real problem is Congress. That’s why we are in front of Congress,” said DCMJ Co-Founder Adam Eidinger. “No one is talking about how Paul Ryan is not getting a vote scheduled.”

DCMJ says they wanted to get their point across by handing out free joints to congressional workers 21 and older. They say they checked IDs, made sure they worked on Capitol Hill, and handed out two joints to each congressional worker. They say they were set up on a DC sidewalk.

“People should be able to buy cannabis down here, but they can’t,” said Eidinger. You also can't give it away either.

Volunteers giving away joints were arrested, even the group's co-founder. Those smoking marijuana were not.

“I think they are violating my rights on district land. I have the right to give away marijuana,” Eidinger added. “You can give up to an ounce each. This is a federal intrusion on the District of Columbia.”

Capitol Hill police say the DCMJ members will be charged with possession of marijuana and released this statement:

Under federal law, it is unlawful to possess marijuana. As of 2:30 p.m., one adult male and two adult female arrestees were charged with 21 USC 841(a) (possession with intent to distribute). Four adult females were charged with 21 USC 844(a) (possession). They were taken to USCP Headquarters for processing.

Marijuana was legalized in DC as a result of a ballot initiative voters approved in 2014.

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