Woman scammed out of thousands in cash; police seek to ID people seen in area

If you have information regarding the identity of the people in the photographs, you are asked to contact Eugene Police at (541) 682-5111.

EUGENE, Ore. - A couple named "Gloria" and "Luis" convinced a woman to give them thousands of dollars last month, on the pretense the money was needed so the couple could collect their lottery winnings.

Now Eugene Police have made a public appeal for help identifying people investigators believe were in on the scam.

Police released photographs Thursday and asked for help identifying the people in the photos. Police said the people were at the Bi-Mart on River Road during the initial contact with the scam victim.

The 43-year-old victim reported the theft to police on October 11.

"Gloria" and "Luis" told the woman "they needed to raise $25,000 before they could drive to Salem and collect their winnings from the lottery and they needed the money to pay the taxes before they could collect," according to police.

"The involved female and male suspects convinced the 43-year-old female victim to get in a car and drive them to multiple Oregon Community Credit Unions to withdraw money," according to police. "The woman withdrew thousands in cash and gave it to the couple, who subsequently left the location and the victim never heard from them again."

If you have information regarding the identities of the people in the photographs, you are asked to contact police at (541) 682-5111.

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