Woman files $400K lawsuit after finding 'mouse intestine-like object' in soup

Images courtesy Pacific Foods lawsuit

An Oregon woman has sued Pacific Foods of Oregon, LLC after finding what appears to be a "mouse intestine-like object" in her soup earlier this year.

According to the lawsuit filed by Maesel Dorn, she purchased a carton of roasted red pepper tomato soup from her local Wood Village Fred Meyer on Jan. 19. 2018.

She ate a cup of the soup that evening, and became violently ill, experiencing mild hallucinations and liquid stool.

Two days later, she attempted to eat more of the soup from the same container, when something black fell from the carton, "followed by the mouse intestine-like foreign object."

The lawsuit states Dorn called Pacific Foods three times, and was told to return the "foreign object" to the Fred Meyer where she bought the soup. She was told the object would be picked up by Pacific Foods, and tested.

However, two months later, she received an email that Pacific Foods never picked up the object. She called Pacific Foods again and was told the object was missing.

She has filed a $400,00 lawsuit, - plus interest - against Pacific Foods for negligence.

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